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The GSQ Customer Service Standards(GSQ-CSS)

The GSQ™ Customer Service Standards (GSQ-CSS)

Consistently delivering highest-quality services to clients and their customers at progressively lower costs will always remain the greatest basic challenge for organizations. Till the release of the GSQI GSQ™ Customer Service Standards (GSQ-CSS) and the GSQ™ Systems Series by the GSQI Enterprise Certification Board (GECB), there were practically no versatile standards and Customer Service Management systems to guide small and mid-sized organizations. Today, however, such organizations organization can implement the GSQ-CSS Release 1.5 Service Quality standards, get audited for compliance, and achieve GSQ-21™ GSQ-14™ or GSQ-10™ Certification in a matter of 60 days and obtain a credible proof that they follow stringent global standards.

The GSQI GSQ-CSS framework derives from the Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS) Release 1.3 of BCI and is based on a certain number of service excellence spheres matched to the scale and type of operations of a Customer Service unit. Each sphere has a set of excellence drivers and during the GSQ™ certification process, these drivers are installed and calibrated to comply with the stipulated GSQ-CSS standards of architecture and performance.

The most remarkable aspect of the GSQ-CSS is its focus on ensuring that excellence embeds into the DNA of the organization. This is done through the PRIDE approach which promulgates that all what an organization does to attain Customer Service excellence has to manifest in its PRATICES; has to remain RELEVANT to the demands of the market and matched to the IMPACTS on value to clients and costs; has to DIFFUSE vertically and horizontally across the organization and should continue to EVOLVE in tune with the changes in technology and service quality expectations of end-customers.

The versatile architecture of the GSQ™ Series enables it to cover hotels, retail stores, shopping arcades, fast food chains, restaurants, car dealerships and customer support centers of manufacturing companies..

To know more about how GSQ-CSS-Release 1.4 can mean vastly improved Customer Service effectiveness for your organization, please write at gsq@gsqi.org