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Enterprise Certifications

Enterprise Certifications

The GSQI Customer service standards provide organizations with a sharp set of benchmarks to resize and polish their customer service operations making them agile and responsive to rapidly changing demands of international clients - and do so consistently over time - and sustain a productive, quality-focused and Customer-oriented culture and environment of work in the organization.

The GSQ™ standards become especially relevant for service providers because of the pioneering PRIDE approach designed to help embed excellence into the very DNA of organizations implementing GSQ™. PRIDE clearly stipulates how all what an organization does to attain customer service excellence has to manifest in its PRATICES; remain RELEVANT to the demands of the market and matched to the IMPACTS on value to clients and costs; DIFFUSE vertically and horizontally across the organization and continue to EVOLVE in tune with the changes in technology and service quality expectations of end-Customers.

Validation of complete compliance to the GSQ™ leads to the award of the relevant version of the GSQ™ certification GSQ-10™/ GSQ-14™/ GSQ-21™.