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Partnering GSQI

Partnering GSQI

GSQI offers several interesting partnering opportunities to organizations and professionals who exhibit the passion and capabilities for contributing to excellence in the CUSTOMER SERVICE Industry. The largest such opportunity exists for organizations and experts in the domain of customer service quality audits and consulting as they can become GSQI partners in implementing the GSQ-CSS standards in organizations. Training companies too can become GSQI partners and offer pre-certification training and assessments on GSQI standards for a chosen geographical region. These partners are called GTPs in GSQI GSQI Training Providers. The key role of these training companies is to offer pre-certification training to individuals who desire to prepare well for a GSQI Certification of their choice.

For an organization, becoming a GSQI partner means getting the best and fastest possible break into the highly lucrative customer service ! Whether it is service quality improvement training & certifications; service quality management consulting; employability development or capacity building, GSQIs brand and knowledge leadership status globally gives that all-important headstart advantage to partnering organizations.

With the worlds first, only and the most powerful sets of human competence and enterprise-excellence standards and strong bouquet of certification programs, a GSQI partner gets an unrivalled opportunity to join the elite GSQI international network extending across 50+ countries.