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GSQI Recertification

As a GSQI Certified Professional, you carry:

Each GSQI certification has a period of validity to the credential and qualification attached to it. This is because in the dynamic outsourcing space, the drivers of evaluating professional competence keep changing with the evolution of GSQI standards. Hence, GSQI certificants (holders of GSQI qualifications/ certifications) have to get recertified or opt for a qualification upgrade before the expiry of their current GSQI Certification.

The Recertification Process is a simple process of the following steps:

Step 1: Register for a Recertification or an Upgrade
This will enroll you for a recertification of your current GSQI certification or for the next higher certification.

Once you register and pay the required fee, you will receive a GSQI Certification Voucher and all other relevant information about your training and assessments etc., through email. Remember, if it’s a recertification, you may choose to directly take the certification examination or complete the other recertification formalities as applicable for your Certification by the dates you can select while applying. But if you have chosen to upgrade (which we will recommend!) you have to train as well and you can choose how do you wish to prepare and also your tentative examination dates, like you did earlier.
Click here to apply for a recertification!
Click here to apply for an upgrade!

Step 2: Complete Recertification/ Upgrade requirements
If you have applied for recertification, you complete the GSQI-prescribed requirements of submitting some documents and assignments etc., which can be uploaded on the GSQI portal. If you have applied for an Upgrade, you can self-study or choose to train with a GSQI Authorized Training Provider nearest to you to accumulate the required Preparation Completion Credits (PCCs). You would have already made your choice during the Registration Step 1 above.
Upgrade applicants can click here to review their chosen Preparation Mode!

Step 3: (only for Upgrade applicants) Take the GSQI Certification Assessments. You are almost there now! You now take the GSQI Certification Examination and fulfill all other documentation requirements prescribed in your chosen certification program.
Click here to review the Assessment Process in your chosen GSQI Certification!

Step 4: Certification Decision. You are there now. If you qualify all prescribed GSQI norms on Knowledge and Competence Prerequisites and all required documentation requirements are complete for your chosen credential, the Credential is awarded to you and a slick Credential Pack reaches you in 30 days maximum.
Click here to “feel” a GSQI Credential Pack!