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GSQI Pre-Certification Training and Preparation Credits

GSQI Pre-Certification Training and Preparation Credits

Certification Preparation Requirements & Training

For all GSQI certifications except for functional Leader and Business Leader certifications it is mandatory for registrants to accumulate a prescribed number of Preparation Completion Credits (PCCs). A certain minimum number of PCCs are required by you to be able to become eligible for the certification assessments/ examination. These PCCs have to be collected by registrants either through self-study mode or through classroom training/ MasterClasses conducted by GSQI Authorized Training Providers (ATPs).

Click here to see the GSQI Preparation Completion Credit system

Preparation Completion Credits Through Self Study mode

If you have opted for the self-study mode to prepare for your chosen GSQI Certification, you have to collect your PCCs online by submitting required assignments for each module after you have completed the study for that module.

Click here to see the online PCC Collection Request form.

Preparation Completion Credits Through External Training mode

If you have opted prepare through training with one of the Authorized GSQI Training organizations or any other GSQI approved institution, your Training Head will apply for your PCCs through a different channel once you (and your batchmates) have satisfactorily completed training. After receiving this PCC application from your Training Head, GSQI will assign you the PCCs as appropriate.