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GSQI Partner Program

GSQI Partner Program

Large-headcount organizations and training companies are GSQIs major partners. Large hotels, airlines, telecom companies, food chains, retail organizations can partner GSQI to make talent development and transformation of their frontline staffers and customer service workforce worldclass and easier. Training companies, on the other hand, partner GSQI to get access to worldclass curricula, content and build third-party credibility into their training programs. Whichever way you may like to see it, partnering with GSQI eventually means joining a revolution. And, adding to the life-force that is changing the way countries develop their CUSTOMER SERVICE industries; organizations manage their customer service operations, employees, and systems; and CUSTOMER SERVICE professionals manage their careers.

As a GSQI partner, you get world-class, expertise-backed, meaningful, structured, and financially beneficial support and services that include end-to-end formation, structuring and training of your business and operations teams; strategy and planning assistance; business administration assistance, and complete marketing and pre-sales support.

CredForce is busy expanding the GSQI footprint across the world even further and beyond. GSQI is pleased to invite you to become a proud partner. The opportunities available are in Pre-Certification Training; Enterprise Systems Audit and Consulting; Institutional Education; Advocacy; and Learning Content Development.

To understand more on how you can join a revolution, just write to us at: partners@gsqi.org