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The GSQI Corporate Partner Program

The GSQI Corporate Partner Program

Keeping customer service quality peaked at all times is the biggest challenge for organizations across the world. Now, train, transform and certify your workforce and managers in-house on global customer service frameworks of GSQI. Establish a GSQI Corporate Academy / Service Excellence Center under license from GSQI and this partnership can begin delivering in 45 days!

A GSQI Corporate Academy gets complete training and certification know-how assistance from GSQI curricula; content; instructor material; online certification examination center license and internal advocacy and counseling assistance.

The GSQI Corporate Academy Program is ideally suited for multinational retail chains, banks, hotels and other such organizations that have recurring hiring and training needs. This Partnership enables the partner-organization embed and install the world renowned Credent™ certification system. This makes it easy for the HR department to get the workforce assessed and attain international GSQI certifications right within the premises. Indeed, a GSQI partnership gives an organization ready access to the GSQI certification system as well as worldclass training programs, content and trainer resources assistance. Once established, the GSQI Corporate Academy in an organization becomes an in-campus/ in-house resource center with a proctored GSQI assessment center installed in its premises. It gets access to globally tried and tested training curricula for different training levels and functions all aligned to the GSQI framework. This means that our corporate partner trains right and can be sure of the training results.


Under certain conditions, GSQI may approve co-branded certifications and designations for employees and managers of large, multinational Corporate Academy partners. This adds significant values to the workforce management practices of the organization and also impacts its brand equity in many ways.

For more information, please write to us at corporatepartners@gsqi.org.